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The Milk Myth: What Your Body Really Needs

By BioTree Labs

A recent study claims that young adults are not drinking enough milk — at least according to press reports on the matter. But according to the study’s lead author Nicole Larson, the focus on the study was on calcium.

The words “milk” and “calcium” are often used interchangeably in the popular press. But while milk is a calcium source, no standard other than that of the National Dairy Council considers it the best calcium source.

The suggestion that you need to drink three glasses of the secretion of a cow’s mammary glands in order to be healthy is a bit outrageous and doesn’t fit the human evolutionary profile. In fact, most humans around the world cannot easily digest cow milk.

**Yogurt has more calcium than milk and is easier to digest. Collards and other greens also have about as much or more calcium than milk by the cup. Greens, unlike milk, have the added benefit of vitamin K which is also necessary for strong bones. (Sesame is also very high in calcium.)

When you measure calcium by cup of food product, milk is high on the list. When you view it by calorie, though, milk is at the bottom. A hundred calories of turnip greens have over three times as much calcium as 100 calories of whole milk.

Ten Calcium Loaded Foods:

#1: Dark Leafy Greens (Watercress)

Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup Chopped (34g)10 Sprigs (25g)120mg (12% DV)41mg (8% DV)30mg (3% DV)

Other Greens High in Calcium (%DV per cup, chopped, raw): Curly Kale (14%), Dandelion Greens (10%), Turnip Greens (10%), Arugula (6%), and Collards (5%).

#2: Low Fat Cheese (Mozzarella Nonfat)

Calcium in 100g1 Cup Shredded (113g)1 Ounce (28g)961mg (95% DV)1086mg (109% DV)269mg (27% DV)

Other Cheeses High in Calcium (%DV per ounce): Low Fat Swiss (27%), Reduced Fat Parmesan (31%) and Cottage Cheese 2% Fat (2%).

#3: Low Fat Milk & Yogurt (Nonfat Milk)

Calcium in 100g1 Cup (245g)Per Fluid Ounce (31g)125mg (13% DV)306mg (31% DV)39mg (4% DV)

Other Dairy High in Calcium (%DV per cup): Nonfat yogurt (49%) and Low Fat Yogurt (45%).

#4: Chinese Cabbage (Pak Choi, Bok Choy)

Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup Shredded (70g)1 Head (840g)105mg (11% DV)74mg (7% DV)882mg (88% DV)

Other Cabbage (%DV per cup cooked): Green Cabbage Cooked (4% DV), Red Leaf Cabbage Cooked (3% DV).

#5: Fortified Soy Products (Tofu)

Calcium in 100g (Raw)1/2 Cup Raw (124g)1/2 Cup Fried (124g)350mg (35% DV)434mg (43% DV)1192mg (119% DV)

Other Soy Products High in Calcium (%DV per 1/2 cup):Nonfat Soy Milk with added calcium and vitamins A and D (13%) and Unsweetened Soy Milk with added calcium and vitamins (13%).

#6: Okra (Cooked)

Calcium in 100g1 Cup Sliced (160g)8 Pods (85g)77mg (8% DV)124mg (12% DV)65mg (7% DV)

#7: Broccoli

Calcium in 100g1 Cup Chopped (91g)1 Cup Cooked (156g)47mg (5% DV)43mg (4% DV)62mg (6% DV)

One cup of cooked broccoli, boiled in water contains just 54 calories.

#8: Green Snap Beans

Calcium in 100g (Raw)1 Cup Raw (110g)Per Cup Cooked (125g)

One cup of cooked green snap beans, boiled in water contains just 44 calories.

#9: Almonds

Calcium in 100g1 Cup Whole (143g)1 Ounce (28g)264mg (26% DV)378mg (38% DV)74mg (7% DV)

A one ounce (28g) serving of almonds, which is about 23 kernels, contains 161 calories.

#10: Fish Canned (Sardines, in Oil, with Bones)

Calcium in 100g1 Cup Drained (149g)1 Ounce (28g)383mg (38% DV)569mg (57% DV)107mg (11% DV)

Other Canned Fish High in Calcium (%DV per ounce serving): Pink Salmon (8%), Anchovies (6%) and Shrimp (4%).

yours in health,

Dr. Weisz, D.C.

The BioTree Labs Team

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Jeremy Weisz
BioTree Labs


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