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Natural Remedies for Rosacea (also acne Rosacea) - do's and don'ts

By BioTree Labs

For two years I thought I just had bad acne that was flaring up. I did not understand why at 37 I all of a sudden started to get acne.


I exercised 2 times a week.

I ate fairly healthy with no alcohol, no fried foods.

I ate a lot of fruits and vegetables.

I ate a lot of foods that were anti inflammatory like garlic and turmeric.


I did some research and thought I was allergic to nightshade vegetables because I remember in the past I had a reaction to eggplant. I stopped eating all nightshade vegetables.


Here is a list of some of the Nightshade vegetables:



Cayenne pepper

Chili Pepper Flakes

Chili powder

Curry Powder


Goji berries

Hot Sauce

Ketchup and BBQ Sauce – because they contain tomatoes

Paprika spice (any spices that contain peppers)

Peppers (including bell peppers, sweet peppers, chili peppers, jalapenos)


Red Pepper

Red Pepper Flakes

Steak Seasoning



Nightshade vegetables  may have unknown chronic effects of prolonged ingestion because they contain a variety of different alkaloids that may cause mild to adverse effects when ingested. The glycoalkaloid solanine is a type of toxin present in tomatoes and potatoes.


I tried cutting out nightshade vegetables and saw a little improvement but still not a great effect.


I went to the dermatologist and looked at me for 15 seconds and told me I had acne rosacea and told me to wash my face with a sulfur based face wash and get a cream that was prescribed.


That is good to know but I also like to get to the root cause of the issue of why this happened all of a sudden. I went into a deep exploration of causes and the natural things I can do to aid the face wash and prescription cream.


Here is what I found...


Rosacea is a skin disorder that affects the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose area.It can even appear like acne in some instances. There are aggravating factors like spicy foods, alcohol, stress, sunlight,chronic stress, etc.


Here are some natural remedies and nutrients recommended by several sources and the Prescriptions of Nutritional Healing:


  1. Primrose oil - helps support healing in skin
  2. B Complex - helps maintain healthy skin and is an anti-stress vitamin
  3. Pycnogenol - powerful antioxidant
  4. Multivitamin -guard against deficiencies
  5. Zinc - helps with immune response
  6. Flaxseed oil - essential fatty acids
  7. Vitamin A - helps with healing
  8. L-Cysteine - contains sulfur needed for healthy skin
  9. Proteolytic enzymes - helps to reduce inflammation


In addition to nutrients/supplements there are herbs and foods that aid the body and its healing.


  • Bromelain and turmeric help inflammation
  • Ginger and garlic are are anti inflammatory
  • Eat raw vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, carrots, zucchini, cauliflower



  • Saturated fats
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Chocolate
  • Dairy products
  • Spicy foods
  • White sugar
  • White flour
  • Any food allergies you may have

Remember that everyone is unique so do not hesitate to consult with a doctor or naturopathic doctor. This article is not meant to diagnose or treat your condition and is not to replace seeking advice and consultation from a healthcare professional.


Jeremy Weisz
BioTree Labs


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