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Dr. Reveals Special Ingredient that has Decreased Joint Inflammation up to 3x and Healing Time Improved

Pain 180TM

Extra Strength Enzyme Formula

  • supports inflammation
  • supports joint health
  • supports muscle and joint aches

Pain 180 Extra Strength Proteolytic Enzymes Support: inflammation, Indigestion, Digestive health, Digestive advantage, Joint pain, Joint health, Muscle pain, Inflammation and Flexibility. Supports Relief from Aches, Pains and Muscle Soreness both from Everyday Activity and Intense Exercise. It doesn't matter if you're going for a light walk, training for a marathon, or are powerlifting on a regular basis -- you'll notice a significant improvement in how your body recovers. The Food Enzyme Nutritionally Supports Your Body's Natural Response to Inflammation and Supports Digestive and Intestinal Health* Optimizes Nutrient Uptake -- To put it simply, Pain 180 helps your body take in all of the good nutrients from the everyday food that you eat. Over the years, it becomes harder and harder for your body to digest optimally -- these powerful enzymes help support this problem. 100% satisfaction guarantee -- Made in an FDA Registered Facility in the USA using Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

pain 180
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Who else has this worked for?

A Staple in My Medicine Cabinet
For me, it truly does what is proclaimed. It helps my digestive system as well as my carpal tunnel and back issues.
- Valgalon
Like another reviewer said the digestive enzymes are an added
This product has made a noticeable difference in joint pain and the heat I feel from inflammation. Like another reviewer said the digestive enzymes are an added bonus! I feel better and have less bloating, I keep a bottle in my lunch bag to take with the meal.
- ByDion
pain 180
Extremely reliable in every wayM
Wow! Thank you so kindly for your quick delivery and holding true to your product. For anyone who is wondering yes it works and it works really good. I have MS and I have a lot of pain so I'm very happy about this.
- Jennifer Marcianoon
It works!
This seems to work as well as the prescription pain relief I was taking, so I am all for it!
- ByJGKon
Painless sleep!
I've used this for a week now, and this AM was the first time in 2 decades that joint pain didn't wake me up. I slept soundly for 8 hours with no shoulder, back or knee pain. FANTASTIC!
- AZ Crazyon
Epic recovery
So, I obviously can’t tell you how my (badly) torn hamstring recovery would have gone without these supplements. But, I can tell you that I brought the bottle to PT, and the Dr. was VERY impressed by the ingredient list. 16 days ago I couldn’t walk, and now stairs and the elliptical are no problem. It looks like I’m on track for a scheduled half-marathon in 9 days. I couldn’t be happier.
- Techno Geekon
Five Stars
Excellent IF you follow the directions for joint health. Be sure to do that. Compares favorably to Wobenzym: If you take the recommended dose of each, this product is good for 90 doses, whereas a 200 count bottle of Wobenzym is good for 66-67 doses, so it costs more.
- Amazon Customer
Great natural pain relief formula
I suffer from chronic Lyme Disease and often have chronic joint and muscle pain. I take this formula daily and notice a reduction in my pain. I'd much rather take a natural supplement vs. hard pain killers that have more startling side effects being revealed all the time in the most common pain killers. I'd definitely suggest trying this formula...it also helps with my endometrial pain.
- Amazon Customer
Excellent Enzymes for Digestion
In addition to other digestive enzymes, I have been taking Pain 180 for an additional boost for my digestive system. I am a cancer survivor and needed to increase my enzymes and probiotics, so after studying what I needed, I found Pain 180 to be an exccellent match. I take it three times a day with my meals.
- Vallihion
It works for me
Oh yes getting old isn't pretty. . . But with this joint pain & digestive enzyme formula is the best. It helps my 63 year old body recover from aerobics and dance classes with ease. My hands and ankles are also benefiting because I am taking this product. So glad to find something natural to keep me active without pain. I don't like taking pain relievers because they are dangerous. . . This seems to be a much better solution. . . So happy to get a discount on this so I could try it out. . . Now I am a faithful customer.
- Becky Bergerono
From the first night I took this product, it ...
From the first night I took this product, it worked very well. I normally toss and turn through the night because of back pain, but with the Pain 180, I'm able to sleep soundly through the night. I recently ran out of it, and my back pain returned. Received my new order yesterday afternoon, took two pills with dinner and slept pain-free through the night. I don't have digestive issues, so I can't testify as to how it works in that area. But it' has been very effective in addressing my back pain. .
- Susan Mooreon
So this a great alternative to motrin
As always, I received the product right on time~~ And I do use this as I have arthritis in my lower back and some knee issues. So this a great alternative to motrin. (-: It does really help, too.
- ByMary K. Mackon
Love it! Great and I love that fact that I can use a natural product for my joint pain instead of an over the counter med.
- kainoron
5.0 out of 5 starsworked for my headache and love the digestive enzymes
Wow, worked for my headache and love the digestive enzymes!
- twtybrdon
Pain relief~~ I have been on these Joint Pain & Digestive Enzymes for a few weeks now and I am loving how they are making me feel. I have ongoing digestive issues that are much better when I take these. The pain I have (arthritis and more) in most of joints has definitely lessened. I feel confident in this product and I will continue taking it. Highly recommend.
- Aliaon
'joint pain relievers' throughout the years and all have disappointed until this one
I've tried various 'joint pain relievers' throughout the years and all have disappointed until this one! After 2 weeks I realized most of my knee and back pain were almost gone. After telling my husband about it, he tried this product and he was VERY impressed. I'll keep using and recommending your product!
- BarbaraKon
(arthritis pain) and I am very happy with the price
I bought this while I was searching for enzymes. This works in several ways ( digestion, arthritis pain) and I am very happy with the price, as well
- Cindyon
So far I am pleased with this product
So far I am pleased with this product. Although I do not take it on a "daily" basis, when I do, I appreciate its benefits. I would recommend this product if you have some mild inflammation; looking to add digestive enzymes to your supplement regimen; and to assist in your well being. Product delivered as promised and I will probably order again. Thank you!
- KNairnon
starsKnow more soreness!
Wow! I was at the point that whenever I would do anything around the house I experienced a lot of muscle soreness the next day. Since I’ve been taking Pain 180 pills, the soreness is hardly there at all now. I can really tell it is working. Great product! And I really love that it is all natural too.
- Cheryl Gauthreauxon
Great reviews - cautiously optimistic
I use this product everyday, twice a day, for my neck, back, and knees. I was having stomach issues and my sister recommended a papaya extract. This product has papain. Product was as advertised, was received in a timely manner and arrived in excellent condition.
- Eva M. Mccordon
You don't know what you have until its gone
This does what it says! You don't know what you have until its gone...I run out of Pain 180 about 7 days ago and the pain in my fingers returned (I am 60 and play piano). I just re-ordered overnight shipping. Thank you BioTree Labs and Amazon! Great product and service!!! By
Knee swelling gone
Seems to knock down inflammation in my injured knee. Has kept swelling away.
- P. Raschon
5.0 out of 5 starsthank you BioTree!
I have a friend with rheumatoid arthritis who actually recommended this product to me in the first place. I've had really horrible inflammation in my lower back for about two years, and this is honestly the first product I've tried that consistently and significantly helps with the pain. I've been using it for about 2 months at this point and have been able to return to my hobby (gardening) for the first time in years. I don't usually use words like "life changing," but being able to garden again is really a gift. The improved digestion is just an added bonus! Would absolutely recommend this to a friend (and actually have several times)!
- Williamon
I recently had a friend recommend Pain 180 and I couldn't be happier that they did. I have Crone's disease and I am able to control it by eating right and taking medication, but even then I still have some problems. I generally can not indulge in some of the foods that I used to enjoy. When I starting using Pain 180 I instantly saw results. I can now eat some of the things that I could not before. It really helps to aid my digestive system, and I don't experience any flare ups when I eat things that aren't good for me. It is also all natural so thats also a plus. For me and the condition I suffer from it has been a huge help. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has any sort of digestive issue, it is a life changer.
- Brandon Boyewskyon
It seemed to help relieve the pain
1. How I used it. I used the Pain 180 daily to treat repetitive movement pain in my hands from using the computer keyboard and working with my hands in my workshop. I generally took it with meals to take advantage of the enzymes, which are utilized as a digestive aid. Occasionally I took it between meals solely for pain relief.
2. effects before and after Before I had pain primarily in my left thumb radiating into the wrist. This would flare up and get worse if I used my hands, particularly if I used the left hand for gripping a lot. After using Pain 180 for some time, it seemed to help relieve the pain overall but not eliminate it. Sometimes I would notice it but it was less debilitating than before.
3. how I would explain it as a recommendation to another person As to advising another person I would recommend they try it as it seemed to work for me. In researching the answer to this question, I really didn't understand the mechanism of enzymes as they relate to pain management so I looked it up on the web. It seems that for the therapeutic use of enzymes as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain reliever), they should be taken between meals rather than with meals. Here is a quote from The Barron Report, written by nutraceutical researcher Jon Barron which explains why:
"When you take a proteolytic enzyme formula between meals, the enzymes do not get stuck working in your stomach or wrapped up with your food and passed out through the colon. Instead, they quickly enter your bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, they help optimize your blood, plus they make their way to all of the tissues throughout your body, where they assist with intelligent, adaptive healing."
So it seems like I've been taking Pain 180 the wrong way by taking it mostly with meals. If I want to optimize it for pain management it seems I should to switch to taking it between meals. I would be sure to explain this when recommending to another person. This may be information you should pass on to your other patients since this is not clarified on the instructions on the label.
- David S.
y persistent tendonitis (6 months!) has been noticeably less painful
Hi! I just started taking the Pain 180 twice a day 11 days ago so I don't have much data. I must say, though, that my persistent tendonitis (6 months!) has been noticeably less painful for the last 5 day and it could be the 180 because that is the only difference in my supplement regime. It is surprising, to me because I have had end of the month reports due and the typing normally aggravates my elbow. I am definitely going to keep taking it!
- Victoria
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Great natural pain relief formula
I suffer from chronic Lyme Disease and often have chronic joint and muscle pain. I take this formula daily and notice a reduction in my pain. I'd much rather take a natural supplement vs. hard pain killers that have more startling side effects being revealed all the time in the most common pain killers. I'd definitely suggest trying this formula...it also helps with my endometrial pain.
- Susan H.