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Lumbar Support Cushion

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About the product

  • BACK RELIEF - Memory Foam and will shape to your low back
  • SACRAL TAILBONE PELVIC RELIEF - For wheelchair office chair car seat
  • AIN WITH SITTING? - Get the support of your back that you need when you are sitting for long periods of time

Product description

Do you or a family member have stiffness or pain in your lower back or legs when you sit? Sitting posture is extremely important for the health of your lower back, mid back and legs. Placing a back support pillow on the back of your chair in the office can help provide relief from back pain and improve your posture while sitting.

Back Pro Series orthopedic memory foam lumbar support cushion can be used for an office chair, a wheelchair, or you can place it in your car. The lumbar support cushion is designed to help relieve back pain, sciatica, and has helped sacral tailbone pain